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Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Liston Location Audio is your go-to source for high-quality audio visual equipment rental in Madison, WI. Whether you're filming a music video, producing a film, broadcasting an event, or creating an advertising campaign, we provide the best audio solutions for your needs. Contact us below to get a current equipment list for your project..

Our high-quality cameras provide crisp, clear images that capture every detail of your project. From compact cameras to professional-grade models, we have the perfect camera for your needs. Click here to explore our camera selection and find the right one for your project.

Our expertise in Dante enables us to do massive track counts in the field 128 tracks is out record so far. But if you want more, we can do it! We feature Neve 1073 dreams that are remote controlled for music field work. Plus we have experience using Ableton Live and Wwise for audio playback, lighting DMX control and video.

We have several PA systems for different sized events, all featuring QSC K series monitors. They are the best! Plus Mixers, wireless and wired mics, lights, projectors, podiums, carpet runners and all the staging needed for your event.

Since we work with many productions that fly into Wisconsin, we have lighting and camera equipment for rent as well. We have Litpanel Gemini, Aperture 300X, projectors, SmallHD monitors, C-Stands, Flags, Sachtler tripods, 8'X8' Frame and silks.Cameras include F55, FX9 and 5d mIV.

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